Welcome to my translation project

This website has been designed to display my HS3004 project, in which I have translated Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s descriptive piece, Barcelona embrujada. I have included photos and hyperlinks to support my translation and enhance the readers’ experience.

About Me

Hello! My name is Kate O’Driscoll, I am a 22 year old final year BA World Languages student in University College Cork. This project is apart of the HS3004 Translating Business, Culture and Society in the Hispanic World…

Original Text

You’ll find the source text, Barcelona embrujada by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, in this section.


It is said that during the summer of 1926 a distinguished gentleman from the Far East crossed continents and oceans pursuing the fabulous legends and tales that he had heard about Barcelona, a far away city that a wise poet had once dubbed the High Enchantress…